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Erika Mireya Cruz, a Los Angeles based actor, singer, dancer who grew up in Goleta California. Erika has been described as having a lot of energy, being an optimist, and a hard worker. Growing up Mexican-American she struggled a lot with self-image and low self-worth, but due to the love of her family and friends she is proud to say how incredibly proud she is to be here today. Erika wouldn't be without the people in her life, and little Erika who would be in shock at what she has accomplished.

At eighteen, Erika packed a suitcase and moved to Los Angeles to pursue a BFA degree in Performing Arts: Musical Theatre at AMDA College. She was incredibly nervous because no one in her family had ever been to college let alone for a dream such as Musical Theatre, but she went anyway. After the first class Erika instantly knew this was what she was created to do, she may not have started the most talented, but she was ready to learn and grow into the performer she was working towards. After graduating Erika knew she needed to fill my resume so began with local theatre in LA. Stage highlights include: Eva Peron in Evita, Whatsername in American Idiot, Maria in West Side Story, and her first national tour with TheatreWorksUSA.

In her spare time, you can find Erika creating projects with friends to post on social media inspired by topics such as; diversity and empowerment, uplifting voices of the LGBTQIA+ community, and just musical theatre in general. She also dabbles in acrylic painting, photography, songwriting, and content creation. Erika founded a YouTube Channel entitled The Cabaret Corner doing just that to keep theatre alive in the pandemic. Check out some of her favorite of those projects below!

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Los Angeles, California

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